Want to apply?

The deadline for this event has now passed, and all participants have been notified of their place.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the workshop then do let us know on humsciworkshop@gmail.com

The speakers at this event are all historians and physicists as a way of providing continuity in the discussion, but the workshop is open to PhD students and Early Career Researchers in any discipline of the Sciences or Humanities. The workshop will be based on expert-led discussion, so there is no call for papers and you don’t need to know anything about either discipline.  All we ask is that you come with an open mind and a willingness to be involved in the discussion; it would also be best if you could attend both days.

The workshop is free, and there is some money available for the travel and accommodation of participants coming from outside London.  There are 20 places available, and just so we can decide how to allocate places should we receive a large number of applications, we have asked you to provide a short paragraph about why you’re interested in the workshop.

If you would like to apply then the deadline for applications is (midnight) Friday 12th April.  We shall notify you if you have a place by Friday 19th April.   Please download the application form, and send it to the workshop email address – humsciworkshop@gmail.com

HumSci_ApplicationForm(WordDoc) HumSci_ApplicationForm(PdF)

Any queries, please send them to humsciworkshop@gmail.com  or Julie Hipperson j.hipperson11@imperial.ac.uk

Just a thought: this workshop is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, so it might be worth checking with your institution if it will count towards your Research Skills credits.


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