About the Workshop

Is it possible to think about the connections between the sciences and humanities which goes beyond science communication (ie how can the ‘soft skills’ of the humanities be used to communicate the ‘hard results’ of science) or the History of Science, and which doesn’t get distracted by discussions about ‘The Two Cultures’?

The idea of this workshop is to promote genuine reciprocity between the two disciplines by bringing together PhD students and Early Career Researchers from both the sciences and the humanities to think through issues of method, creativity and uncertainty in research, as well as publishing and communication.  Led by expert panels, talking through the similarities and differences in the disciplines will help us critically reflect on the practices of our own discipline, as well as creating fresh research agendas.  Have a look at the provisional programme to get more of an idea of how this discussion will be structured.

This workshop is generously funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) as part of the student-led Research Skills Enhancement programme.  It is a collaborative scheme, between the Centre for the History of Science and Technology and Medicine (CHoSTM) at Imperial, and the Department of Physics & Astronomy at University College London.  It has been possible due to the generosity of speakers and administrative staff at both institutions, as well as King’s College London.


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